Florence Manufacturing has partnered with the USPS to provide a superior product which meets your ever increasing security and parcel delivery needs. The redesigned valiant™ 1590 series meets all the CBU security standards set by the USPS and is part of the outdoor delivery equipment contract awarded solely to Florence Manufacturing.

Meant for busy mail areas, a Florence Collection Bundle Box is a great way to add value and convenience to your building's mail system. As a large unit, a Collection Bundle Box can receive individual letters as well as bulkier, bundled metered mail or parcels. And with its heavy-gauge aluminum construction, even large volumes of mail are kept safe until picked up by the USPS.

Whether sending mail or packages across town or across the country, it deserves protection from the beginning to the end of its journey. Just as resident compartments protect incoming mail, Florence Collection Boxes secure it while awaiting pick up by the USPS to help ensure safe mail right from the start. Florence Vertical Collection Boxes come in a choice of sizes for various installations to fit your individual project needs.

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Cluster Box Units and Accessories

Centralized mail delivery equipment can be in the form of any "clustered" style of mailboxes, but the most popular is the free-standing, pedestal-mounted USPS Approved Cluster Box Unit (CBU). Most often used in outdoor new construction installations, cluster boxes are widely used across the nation for safe, secure access to mail and package delivery 24 hours. The first to manufacture the new "F" series CBU, Florence was also the first USPS licensed manufacturer and is also honored to be the sole supplier of Outdoor Delivery Equipment to the U.S. Postal Service.

Be sure to provide enough secure package locker space for business offices and residents by adding an Outdoor Parcel Locker (OPL) or two to your new or existing mailbox installation. With the continued growth in online shopping, providing ample parcel locker space for package delivery is more important than ever. And Florence is the only USPS Approved manufacturer of Outdoor Parcel Lockers - the perfect complement to your cluster box installation.

vital 1570 Series (F)

vigilant 1565 HSCBU

vogue CBU accessories

valiant 1590 Series

Security Upgrade Kits-1575 "E" Series CBU

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Collection Boxes

Collection boxes come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate various uses including small packages and bundled letters. Choose from recessed and surface wall-mounted models as well as free-standing options. Many Florence collection boxes are USPS Approved for postal delivery or all collection boxes may be used for any private delivery or drop-box application.



CC Series



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Mail/Book Drop Boxes

Wall-mounted Florence drop boxes have long provided a convenient way for carriers to deliver mail to locations that use this older style of mail receptacle. Drop boxes in the wall are also used for a myriad of other private types of use such as book depositories, rent drop, key return, etc... If it is something small that needs a temporary space - there's a Florence drop box solution for it!




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Discontinued Products

These discontinued products are available for a limited time. Check out the availability dates to make sure you don't miss out.

versatile 4C Suite A Front-load

versatile 4C Suite B Front-load

versatile 4C Suite C Front-load

versatile 4C Suite D Front-load

versatile 4C Suite E Front-load

versatile 4C Suite F Front-load

versatile 4C Suite G Front-load

versatile 4C Suite H Front-load

versatile 4C Suite I Front-load

versatile 4C Suite A Rear-load

versatile 4C Suite B Rear-load

versatile 4C Suite C Rear-load

versatile 4C Suite D Rear-load

versatile 4C Suite E Rear-load

versatile 4C Suite F Rear-load

versatile 4C Suite G Rear-load

versatile 4C Suite H Rear-load

versatile 4C Suite I Rear-load

versatile Trash / Recycling Bin A

versatile Trash / Recycling Bin C

versatile Trash / Recycling Bin E

versatile Trash / Recycling Bin F

versatile Trash / Recycling Bin G

versatile Trash / Recycling Bin H

versatile Trash / Recycling Bin I

versatile Collection Box A

versatile Collection Box C

versatile Collection Box E

versatile Collection Box F

versatile Collection Box G

versatile Collection Box H

versatile Collection Box I

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount A

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount B

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount C

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount D

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount E

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount F

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount G

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount H

versatile 4C Pedestal Mount I